Opening For Krs-One 2020

Deliver us to Eva

Eva Rhymes, formally known in Chicago and in Baltimore as Jinxxx was born with the exceptional ability to perform the arts of music. She is a fusion of Hip-Hop and soul hailing from the east with a growing reputation of bold, beautiful, beast on the mic. She focuses on current events and still gives back to her community. Her following is seen as a growing cult, labeled "weirdoz", she keeps it truest to send the message that we as people are all flawed but yet extraordinary individuals. She likes to tell stories and paint pictures through her rhymes. She is constantly a semi-finalist in songwriting competitions every year and has established herself as a selling songwriter in all genres. Currently on the brink of her third project "OdDWorld" Eva Rhymes is a professional class act for all your event needs. She also has a band |Weird-Dope| and likes to mix it up from time to time during live performances.   

Eva Rhymes is energetic, eclectic, poetic and a deep artist of hip-hop. Walks the line of alternative hip-hop with the subjects that are addressed. Poetic sexy and intriguing female artist of great caliber looks to stomp stereotypes and create history